Elizabeth is good. She’s moral. She’s upright. She’s composed. And she’s also colder than Salem, Massachusetts, in early February. In a neat literary twist, Elizabeth’s positive qualities are also her negative ones. She is a virtuous woman who is steadfast and true—but these traits also make her a bit of a cold fish. When we […]

For exercises before the stimulus me and my group had done improvisation exercises so that we could get a good feel of how to jump in at any scenario and at any mistake that would happen during the play. This helped me think of ideas even before the stimulus was given to me. The stimulus […]

How does te speaker show feelings about authority in Hawk Roosting and another poem you have studied? The speaker ted hughes shows the feelings of authority in many different areas in the poem. The writer says ‘i kill where I please because it is all mine’. This is showing a sign of arrogance from the […]

Due to circumstances beyond our control, we have had to defer the external performance of your “Oh What a Lovely War!” piece until Tuesday 19th of June (a one week deferral). You will now be timetabled in lessons as normal tomorrow. Our apologies for the lateness of this notice.

Reflection and Evaluation What Worked Well – What worked well was the spoken thoughts in the first scene. In the first scene there was a spoken thought that was said by the character James (Aaron), he would talk about the consequences of war and how he was getting persuaded by his long-time friend that they met […]

Actors: Darnell playing Josh, Aaron playing James First Part: Josh and James are walking to a registration office where they go to sign up for the first world war. These two boys are only 15 years old. James get persuaded by Josh to join the war. Josh shows him propaganda posters on the way to […]